"It is the poet's job to remember"
Gerald Stern

Monday, June 28, 2010

Diagonal Inches

I'm getting used to my new computer. Everything is now in reverse...the big old bulky tower has been replaced by a book-sized guardian of the guts, and the monitor reminds me of a drive-in movie screen. This thing is huge, and I didn't even get the biggest one because I know from experience that bigger is not always better. It’s much more desirable to have something you can work with.
I spent the weekend with this one, and then returned to work and faced a 16 incher...which might sound like a lot, but suddenly looked inadequate and a wee bit disappointing. I found myself thinking, " Is this it ?" but refrained from blurting it out loud. It is, after all, one of the ones that gets the job done.
I do find myself daydreaming, though. I fantasize about the width and breadth of the one at home snoozing comfortably across my desk in sleep mode. It is young and enthusiastic, and needs only the gentlest persuasion from me to fire up, abundantly eager to please for hours on end... in high definition.
Isn't it always like this at the beginning?

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